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Group Workshops

Having spent over 25 years running workshops across the world I plan to scale down my annual programme. So, for the foreseeable future I will be limiting my workshop commitments to enable me to spend time concentrating on personal photographic projects that have been in the pipeline for some time. In recent years I have struggled to find the mental and physical space for my own photography and I have therefore decided to make room in my diary for those personal projects that will otherwise never get completed. My plan is to concentrate on a couple of workshops per year plus one or two Masterclasses and a limited number of One2Ones on demand.

About my Masterclasses: -

If you are an experienced photographer who is seeking a concentrated & fully immersive development experience to help you understand and explore the techniques, principles & aesthetics of landscape photography then one of my Masterclasses would be for you. On these events, my aim is to help the participants move beyond photographing simply what they see to also communicate what they feel through their images and to develop a more personal vision & style. They are a challenging few days (normally a maximum of a week) not only out photographing and working on personal projects but also with lots of time allocated for presentations from me (e.g. on creativity, composition, putting mood & emotion into your images), discussions on the principles, philosophy and aesthetics of photography and image review sessions.  Testimonials from previous clients include: -

                "Yours was the best and most inspirational workshop I've been to (and I've been to lots). You called it a Masterclass and that description was spot on. You are a Master of image making and have dramatically changed my thinking and direction in landscape photography"

                “I wanted to express my appreciation for the Masterclass I recently attended. You tailor-made the experience to meet my needs and gave me an illuminating and inspiring lesson in landscape photography. I have learned a lot not only about my photography but myself. Thank you!”

                “I just wanted to tell you that I thought the Masterclass was fantastic. I really learned a lot from you on this trip which was my main goal. Venice was a perfect backdrop and the pictures I took couldn’t have been done without you.”

Places are limited (normally a maximum of three people) so if you are interested in joining me for a Masterclass then please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current Workshop Programme