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News & Events

I am pleased to announce that in the 16th Annual Black & White Spider Awards I had five nominations (in the Architectural, Nature, Fine Art and Wildlife categories) and received two Honorable Mentions in the Aerial and Nature categories. Competition was strong (6211 entries from 75 countries) so I'm proud and honoured that my work has been recognised in this way.

I have featured in a couple of podcasts where I was interviewed by my good friend and Australian landscape photographer, Christian Fletcher and Carwyn Church. A mixture of discussions about my approach to photography and some light hearted banter where Christian does his best to wind me up! You can hear them (along with interesting interviews with a lot of other photographers) here.

Early in 2022 I was interviewed by The Lensless Podcast about my interest in pinhole photography and my thoughts on creative photography in general. That can be heard here.

In 2015 Olympus UK produced a video about my approach to landscape photography - it can be found here. I'm pleased to say that it has proved to be popular and last time I looked it had received over 207,000 views. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to watch it to date.

Articles & Web Features

While my travelling has been put on hold due to Covid19 I have been working on a project photographing my local woods with a couple of Olympus OMDs converted to record infrared light. The project ('An Oasis of Tranquility') has kept me sane during these difficult times. I have written about the project (including some technical information about shooting with IR converted cameras) in a blog post for Olympus that can be found here.

PhotoPXL is a website run by my good friend and occasional partner in leading workshops, Kevin Raber that is well worth checking out. My article on the 'The Value of Working on Projects' (illustrated with images from my 'The Forgotten' project) has been published on the site here


I am currently booked to give a talk & presentation of my photographs to the following: -

Photography Experts on my 'A Beautiful Silence' photographs taken in South Georgia and Antarctica. The talk will be held on 16th June 2022. To book a place on this Zoom webinar please visit the Photography Experts website here.

I have also been asked to speak to the Dunedin Photographic Society in New Zealand about 'Order & Design in Landscape Photography' on 4th July 2022. Unfortunately for me this is via Zoom and not in person!

Closer to home, I am also booked to give the same talk (in person) to Harrogate Photographic Society on 16th January 2023.