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I'm Sorry! (And I'm Back)

I have been contacted by a few people asking why I have not written any blog posts for a long time. My apologies. For the last few years my diary has been more than a little hectic (my wife tells me that's down to me as I am in complete control of my diary she says. Those of you who are self employed freelancers know that is just a myth!). Time and work pressures have combined to halt my production of blog posts - not that I am complaining as I have been to some incredible places, met some wonderful people and produced images that both please me and will act as a visual reminder of those good times. Thank you to those who have noticed my absence from these pages and for the gentle reminder to get my act into gear!

As with so many people, the coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on my business, wiping out most of my work and travel commitments for 2020 and a large chunk of income at the same time. But I'm fortunate - I'll get through this with my business and hopefully (and more importantly) my health intact. I hope that the same is true for the readers of this blog. Stay safe, well and positive.

Enforced social isolation, more time on my hands and a commitment to myself to stay positive and focussed means I will soon return to writing more regular blog posts (I know - they couldn't have been less regular than of late!) so please keep returning and email me your thoughts and comments about my writings. Thank you for sticking with me.